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Scott graduated with a Masters degree in Political Science from Hawaii Pacific University and spent 8 years working at Great-West Life before joining the Benefits Division at Capri Insurance in 2016. He left Capri in 2021 and founded Paramount in 2023.

Scott has worked with benefits advisors and employers across Canada and the United States. The foundational principles for Paramount’s unique operating philosophy are rooted in 15 years of diverse industry experience.

He is a former University basketball player and experienced coach. Competitive team sports have shaped his views on organizational culture and winning leadership. Scott doesn’t play anymore, these days his hobbies are chess, yoga, and skiing.

Scott is also a student of Austrian economics and a passionate Bitcoin enthusiast. He is the author of Bitcoin for Financial Advisors.

Purpose driven


Embedded Fees



Last Year

This Year

Our Philosophy is that embedded commissions on Benefit and Pension Plans unfairly reward advisors while penalizing clients and plan members as costs rise over time.

We believe that flat fees create greater transparency in the client relationship, and remove the cost pressure of involuntary fee creep that your programs budgets are not intended to fund.

We also believe the precious funds allocated to your total compensation programs, to whatever extent possible, should be maximized fulfilling their intended purpose of benefiting your talented employees and helping your organizational culture.

If your fees are based on a percentage of claims or premium, as service and medication costs rise, you are automatically also going to be paying more in fees.

Consultants profiting off of your rising costs are not providing a service, they are a growing expense and a drag on the performance of your recruitment and retention program sustainability.

Passionate About Culture

Our Committment

To engage every client in a transparent conversation about how and what we are paid and what the expectations are in exchange.

Our Mission

To deliver best in class benefits and pension consulting, including design recommendations, provider reviews, price negotiations, and member education. Done at a fair and transparent rate.

Our values


Innovation to us means above all, not being afraid to be different. Our job is to continually educate ourselves and present ideas for you and your team to consider. We are not afraid to think differently and do things differently.


We will strive to communicate as clearly as possible. We feel that understanding our cost model puts us in a class of our own in terms of building a professional relationship based on trust. You can know that any advice we give is from financial incentive.


Every client that selects our firm to handle this work bestows on us a great honor. We understand there is significant choice available in the marketplace and our intention is to reward your trust by exceeding expectations in every interaction you have with us.

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