Stop Quoting Your Benefits
& Start Quoting Your Advice

Who is your typical client?

Any business can benefit from transitioning from embedded fees to fee for service. Our clients range from small family businesses, to large multi-province employers. Our model is rare in Canada, and we feel we have the tools to service clients in every province. If you are interested to work with us from a distance, please reach out.

How is the process different?

The biggest difference employers will experience is unbundling the conversations about what you are paying the insurance company, and what you are paying for your advice. Typically these conversations are blended and unclear. Our customers understand exactly what our role is, and how we are paid to do it. This puts companies in a more educated position to assess the value of they are receiving and how it contributes to their overall costs.

How are the fees calculated?

We offer a few different options depending on client preference. Upon selecting Paramount as your representation, structure of fees is the first decision the customer is involved in.

Can we really expect the same service for lower fees?

This is an understandable question. Employers struggling to contain the cost of their benefits plan are well aware that benefits programs have indexed at a rate much higher than nearly any other service. As embedded fees have indexed along side this cost growth, lower fees can certainly be charged and still fund first rate customer service.

How many employees do you need to have a retirement plan?

We have group savings plan options available for employers of all sizes. Did you that only 1 in 4 Canadian employers offers some kind of retirement savings program? Adding a retirement savings component into your overall rewards strategy is a great way to set your company apart in the hiring market.

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